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Dave McAnally
20 Years of Driving Business

Meet the Founder


Dave McAnally is a seasoned, 20-year veteran in the digital marketing and SEO landscape. Having started out in rural Iowa for a small town software company, Dave had his hands on everything. During the transition of digital growth,  Dave took with him arguably his most valuable asset, keeping it “Iowa Nice” with his customers.

From startup companies to large enterprises, Dave has been involved with massive campaigns that have changed the face of marketing such as Disney, Omnicom, Pepsi, State Farm, Supernova Companies, and McDonalds.

I started this business because after working with a wide range of companies in an agency and internal capacity, I found that there really is no silver bullet or one size fits all solution. Each business has its own set of challenges, customer preferences, markets and cultures that make them unique. As a result, the mix of targeting, content, data and precision that causes one company to thrive may not work for another. That’s where I come in.

Dave founded DMac Consulting with a clear mission: to take his years of industry knowledge and be a bespoke resource that can pivot and be agile enough to help all sizes of business run efficiently.

Remarkable Growth From
Proven Systems


Our fail-proof strategic planning makes it easy to target your ideal customer. We align your strategy to how you sell, when you sell and when your customers buy.  



By adopting the Thrive System principle, we build 1:1 targeting programs that ignite new spaces to lead, compete and participate. No more guessing games, just powerful data.


Once you know precisely what tactics will drive conversions, the rest is history. Our successful growth models make your business profitable and scalable at radical speeds.


Growing in Community

DMac Consulting aligns our growth-focused mission to our growth initiative for the Cedar Valley Haiti Foundation, helping the organization raise money to build a new school and medical facility for the community.

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