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Our expertise lies within marketing strategies rooted in data. By defining what metrics matter, what sequence of messaging works and how online and offline tactics need to work together, the sky is the limit to maximizing your growth potential.

DMac Consulting is founded on the strong understanding that businesses are not created equal. What works for one business will almost definitely not work for another. Your win rates, average customer value and prices ultimately determine what strategies, tactics and measurement needs to be in place for your business to realize its potential.

When all of these pieces are aligned, your business will be operating on a thriving system.


The Only Way Is Up

Account Based Marketing

When you fish with a spear, you are using a tool that gives you complete precision. You see the goal and land it and you know exactly where your resources are going. That is exactly why Account Based Marketing (ABM) is skyrocketing in popularity, particularly with B2B marketers because of the efficiencies and ROI it can generate.

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Our precision-based process allows us to align sales and marketing around key accounts that drive businesses forward. ABM is not a one size fits all approach; it requires attention to detail to what will thrive for your business.

Our process is simple.

First, we start by building programs that cover all ABM needs. This includes the right technologies, list sizes, touch points and measurement frameworks.

Then, we adjust the programs and effectiveness by analyzing deal velocity, sales cycles and cost of customer acquisition.


Digital Media & SEO

Are your digital channels working together to deliver the right experience to your ideal client? Have you put the attention to fine tuning elements of your existing programs? With over 20 years of experience is SEO and Digital Advertising, we know the right measures to get the most out of your digital channels.

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Our approach is designed to ensure these programs are oriented around your specific thrive point. To reach that thrive point, it’s all about understanding who the right segments are for your product, the right channels and budgets to reach those segments and the right messaging to connect the dots.

From search to social to another channel, we implement the right balance of segments, and sizing is then aligned to the right messaging. Most importantly, we determine who your ideal buyers are because if you don’t know who your product/service is going to resonate most with, you will never find that thrive point.


Tech Stack Optimization

If you aren’t optimizing Tech Stacks, you are missing a critical piece to your marketing program. Systems that aren’t integrated properly can lead data in silos. The same information is often stored in different database, which leads to inconsistencies and confusion between departmental data. Not to mention that antiquated software can create blind spots and make it difficult to compete.

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These challenges are so specific that your best bet to guarantee alignment is by working with a company that has decades of experience solving these exact issue types. We bring a vast global experience of working with Fortune 500 companies to your business.

Our worldwide understanding of production needs allows us to identify unique opportunities that skyrocket growth. We either consolidate or increase investments in areas that will make your business marketing work harder and smarter with less of those tedious tasks and unknown results that never really work.


Product Marketing Consulting

We have a hunch you came across our site for one specific need: success. That’s product marketing, and it’s a crucial tactic to grow your business and brand. We help big SaaS and B2B marketing companies build value propositions that differentiate and deliver the right message to the right customer.

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Our process is based on the Pragmatic Institute’s Product Marketing Framework, and it has proven successful time and time again across our customers, the big industry players.

Whether we’re creating a product marketing program from the ground up for your organization or helping refine and optimize a product launch, our mission unlocks your thrive point. Your thrive point is what differentiates you… and we have the key.


Technology & Vendor Evaluation

Let us take a guess. You’re evaluating a new agency or technical vendor because you’re sick of the costly renegotiations and inherent risk without credible assessment. Sound about right? After scoping thousands of projects and brokering tens of millions of dollars in agency and technologies, we have the know-how to make the right selections that align with your business.

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Our process ensures selections are right the first time, hands down. We build RFPs that specifically define the needs and align the appropriate vendors. Our consulting and RFP background is purposefully leveraged from understanding market conditions and use cases for agencies and technologies.

Vendor Evaluation gives you the partnership strategy that will match your thrive point. Without it, you’re at risk.


Data & Analytics Consulting

Let’s face it. Technology helps create data that is then harvested across customers, marketing and sales… and that’s the problem. Data overload. If you are serious about growing your business, you can’t have analysis paralysis, you need to derive the right insights from your data to be effective.

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Data is only as good as the insights you can derive from it. Think of it like cutting through the clutter of data and distilling it with only insights you need to drive your business forward.

So, we do that by creating a data visualization that can be used with multiple teams at any time. We work to refine the metrics that your programs are measured with so that it aligns with your unique thrive point. No more messy data, just a solid strategy.


What They Say

Dave has tremendous SEO/content knowledge and experience. He is excellent within an organization, managing, mentoring and training his team members, as well as working with clients. Dave has the rare ability to be able to communicate a very technical subject area in an understanding and interesting way. Dave is without doubt one of the top SEO/ content subject matter experts, and he’s a top guy too. Highly recommend.

Edward Foster

VP, Managing Partner, Global Head of Search, GroupM

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